Angelica Engvall

Training by Angelica Engvall

Angelica Engvall can help you with training both of your horse and also for you as rider.

One of the most important things you can invest in to your horse is to give it the best introduction to its future as riding horse. I put a lot of time to create an confidence between the horse and the persons handling it. Everything I do with the horse have a secret motive. I can spend time with the horses on the field or take a walk with one of the horses just to become a good friend of it.

I have many years experience in training horses, from young horses up to older competition horses.

Either you need help with first riding, participating in selections, showing your stallion and more you can always contact me to help you.

If you have any further questions don´t hesitate to contact me on telephone 0046 70 2260269 or send me an email on